Julie and Scott Jackson are both longtime Giants fans who grew up in the Bay Area. They have two kids, Ben and Amanda, who both love baseball and books.

One day at the ballpark in San Francisco, the kids had lots of good questions, in the way children often do: Why are those NY logos there? Who was Mel Ott? Did Juan Marichal really kick his leg THAT high?

Julie and Scott thought there must be a book for kids that would help answer some of these questions, so they looked around for a fun, easy-to-read chapter book about the Giants. When they couldn't find one they liked, they decided to write one themselves.

As they worked on the book, Julie and Scott both learned a lot about the Giants and the team's long and colorful history. And when the 2010 Season of Torture concluded with the Giants winning the World Series, they knew they had a perfect happy ending for the final chapter.

When they're not cheering on the Giants, Julie works as a freelance writer and editor for Red Pen Consulting, and Scott is an engineer and co-owner of Meridian Computing.

The book’s whimsical line-art illustrations were done by Johnny Hansell, who teaches fourth grade at West Portal School in San Francisco (and also happens to be Julie's brother). A die-hard Giants fan, Johnny can often be spotted at AT&T Park sporting his distinctive Giants top hat made from orange and black duct tape.